We have been managing premium hosting for web developer for 10 years now. Hacked sites are a top concern for both customers and web developers and we've been able to put in place a mix of the best technology to keep your and your customer's websites safe.

Website Framework Updates

Almost all hacks will come from old sites that haven't been maintained and have long exposed vulerabilities. We recommend that your Joomla and Wordpress sites are visited regularily to install the appropriate Wordpress and Joomla security patches along with any component and plugin updates that may have security udpates.

OS Level Protection


Our web infrastructure uses a special purpose built operating system that is designed for web hosting. Cloud Linux ensure every website on the server has a full boundry from every other web site on the server and so there is no way for a comprimised site on another account can spread. Any performance impacts are limited to the single hosted site and are restricted from impacting any other sites.

Anti-Malware and Virus Scanning

We use two different products for scanning website for suspicisious files. These detect files that are considered malicious and are able to notify and delete them so your site does not get black listed by the search engines.

Joomla Hardening Tools

We provide security plugins for Joomla that reduce the common attack points of the Joomla framework. This includes changing the administrator portal, locking down anonymous user accounts and disallowing changes to core files. This tool is added into Joomla and configured on a site basis

Latest PHP Versions

Many sites still rely on the older 5.x PHP framework. This framework is no longer supported and has no new security updates released. We provided the latest PHP 7.2 and 7.3 frameworks to all websites which provide the most secure programming language for websites.

Automated Backups

We provide off-server backups for all websites. As part of a disastery recovery plan, the websites are backed up and available to ensure any accidental site deletions can be recovered.

Remote Site Management and Security Scanner

Its best practice to proactively manage your site. To this end, we provide a tool that automatically scans each website for version changes and to check for changed core files. This product ensure peace of mind by creating a single overview of the health of all your hosted websites from one place.

SSL Certificates

We ensure all sites can be encrypted and secure using SSL certificates and an automated renewals. SSL certificates are important as they block potentially sensitive information from being available on the internet.

Site Quotas for File and Database

Hacked sites often have rapid growth. We place quotas on all sites as another check for suspicious website activity. Hosting often allows for plans that dont' restrict usage however we place quotas on to ensure safety. The quotas are increase upon demand.

Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall feature of Admin Tools is designed to offer real-time protection against the most common fingerprinting attacks, used by attackers to deduce information about your site in order to tailor an attack to it, and the most common attacks.

IP Whitelist Security

We provide a substantial lock on sensitive site access with IP whitelisting. The critical access like CPanel, FTP, SSH are all restricted by IP so unless you are connecting from a IP address that is listed, the server will not give you access. Adding a new IP is very easy to do. We can show you how. Of course the normal HTTP and HTTPS access is open for the world to see.