Delivering Local Advertising for Local Business

Digital billboards provide a cost effective advertising solution for small business. The Advertising Delivery Network (ADN) allows small business to display video and static slide ads on the digital billboards hosted in the business locations of other locall small business. To participate in our network, a business must have a retail location and host a digital billboard in their location.


In addition to providing a mounted (> 46") TV in a waiting room or retail location, there is a monthly fee to provide the access our cloud platform and the digital billboard devices that connect into your TV. The ADN fee is at the wholesale rate of $45 / month until the end of 2020. Posting your billboard ads on other screens does not bear a costs however we expect that there will be a reasonable cost assigned to posting ads in 2021. These usage costs will be offset with credits issued for ads displayed in your location.

Media Requirements

Video and static slides should be prepared in the standard format of 1920px wide by 1080px high. Static slides are the simpliest and lowest cost for advertisers to produce and therefore represent the best value. Static slides should be saved as a png image file and can be created in PhotoShop or any other graphics program. Video files should be generated in a MP4 file format. Video files are great options for franchise businesses. Often the franchisor has already made an investment in creating high production quality marketing videos. These videos can be uploaded directly to the billboard portal and a simple static slide attached to the end with specific call-to-actions for your local business. In the same way many large scale manufacturers create videos for their resellers and distributors that can be requested and used.

If you need help creating content for billboards, please ask. We can put you in contact with folk that prepare content well and at a reasonable cost.

Media Consultant

Rick McCulloch is the primary media consultant. Rick can be engaged to help create a proper marketing message and develop static image slides or video loops. Rick's contact information is below.

Picture of Rick McCullochRick McCullochDirect Response CopywriterwiiFM Sales & Marketing
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