People love to receive discount coupons and freebies. Often times, retailers give away coupons and gift cards to customers to entice them to come back and make another purchase. However, carrying all those coupons, loyalty cards, and gift cards can make a person’s wallet bulky which results in customers leaving or forgetting them at home.

Today, because of technological advances and shifting customer behaviors, Apple has introduced their digital wallet aptly named Apple Passbook. The app is intended to digitally store anything that would typically be kept in a wallet including credit and debit cards, airline tickets, coupons, gift cards, entertainment tickets, and retail store loyalty cards. Simply put, it is a virtual wallet at the palm of your hand. Better yet, it is all paperless!

Major brands have embraced Apple Passbook since its launch and while it took some time and convincing, smaller brands and retail stores are starting to learn about the benefits of the app.

With Apple Passbook, you can distribute discount coupons to your customers without wasting costs on coupon production. A unique feature of this app is that it enables customers to store various retail store coupons in one place at the tap of a screen. Customers can add as many coupons as they would like without cluttering up their wallets because of how it is grouped on the app’s interface.

At the check-out counter, your customers can simply pull out their smartphone, open your retail store’s coupon on the app and give it to your clerk to scan for a discount. However, in case it does not scan, the discount barcode is also provided so that it can directly be input into the register.

Another feature of Apple Passbook is the location-based reminders. This feature notifies your customers when they are near your retail store that they have a coupon that could be used, thus enticing them to visit and make a purchase. Lost, misplaced, or forgotten gift cards don’t do retailers any good for these lead to lost revenue and sale opportunities.

Climb Retail Solutions will help you leverage your retail store by utilizing Apple Passbook to distribute coupons, vouchers, and discounts for your customers. Through this, you can raise customer engagement with your retail store as well as boost sales and revenue. Give your customers a unique and simplified shopping experience by encouraging them to claim special discounts for your retail store from the app.

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