The internet has proven to be a powerful and versatile channel. From social media platforms that connect people to online news outlets, the worldwide web has become a very influential medium. Retailers are utilizing this channel to promote and even sell their products and services.

In fact, the internet has recently become a major channel for retailers to distribute coupons and email has become the main avenue for it. It comes as no surprise as email is deemed as one of the most popular vehicles for coupon distribution, even with the rise in popularity of social media networks.

E-mail coupons can provide impressive return on investment for retailers. Your customers are much more likely to open your message and make a purchase when offered a coupon via email. By implementing this type of promotion, you have a greater chance of increasing your ROI.

With a proper strategy and the industry’s best email coupon practices, your retail store’s coupons that are sent via email can translate to an increase in your brick-and-mortar store traffic, customer engagement, and revenue. Other benefits of electronic coupons include but are not limited to:

  • Enables you to keep responses and customer engagement high and costs low
  • Target different segments of your customers such as members of loyalty programs and new subscribers
  • Attract customers to make a transaction with a sense of exclusivity
  • Tailor coupons and customer benefits to seasonal products

Climb Retail Solutions is here to assist you with your retail store coupon planning and distribution. We want our clients to learn, adapt, and leverage this type of promotion. We believe that this will benefit both your retail store as well as your customers.

Providing coupons to customers via email do not need to be as frequent or aggressive as those needed to attract buyers. Furthermore, coupons do not have to be enormous to entice more response from customers than other promotional messaging.

This type of promotion has the unique advantage of being able to offer instant discounts through the use of codes or print-out coupons that are redeemable upon checkout. Another benefit of email coupons is that it is multipurpose. It does not need to always be redeemable only for in-store purchases. You can use this type of promotion for instances exclusively for in-store purchases, online transactions, or both.

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