Google has the most innovative and collaborative tools online for professionals, retailers, and the general public. One of these tools is the Street View feature on Maps. In the last couple of years, Google has adapted this technology to work in favor of retailers.

Google Business View gives your business and website a new way to entice customers to visit you. In a nutshell, it enables your prospects to view your retail store from the comfort of their homes and at their fingertips. With Business View, you allow your target audience to have a unique experience with your business.

Climb Retail Solutions knows that separating your business from the competition is more complex these days with the advancement of technology. We will assist you in getting your business ready and set for incorporating Business View.

What better way to have a higher search engine ranking than by building your business with Google! Business View is attached to your business’ Google+ Local Business Page. Invite your customers to a 360-degree tour of your business on Google search, Google Maps, and Google+. In addition to being on Google and your website, you can embed your Business View to your company’s Facebook page. That will give a higher discovery rate for your retail store. Other benefits of Business View include are not limited to:

  • Includes 10 point-of-interest photographs
  • The photos are property of the business
  • Business View is hosted within the your business’ account
  • Preventive measures to avoid copyright infringement in taken photos
  • No mandatory re-shoots, on-going costs, or maintenance fees
  • Photographs are free for the business to use in any way

And the best part about utilizing Google Business View? It is compatible with both desktop and mobile searches. No potential customer is left out with Business View, enabling you to engage with customers using various devices.

Other retailers have chosen Business View for reasons such as:

  • Exhibit a luxury setting
  • Demonstrate available facilities
  • Function as a substitute for a site visit
  • Engagement strategy with customers

With Google Business View, you stimulate engagement with your customers even before they visit your store. Enhance your presence across Google with quality, all around virtual tour powered by their outstanding Street View technology. Together with Google Business View, we will help you stand out from the crown and elevate our brand’s reputation in the eyes of your current and future customers.

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