We’ve all heard of the innovativeness and ingenuity of search engine giant, Google. In this modern age, most users of Google and Android would have been introduced to Google Maps. The main purpose of this navigation tool, by default, is to guide users to city locations, streets, and landmarks. This is especially useful for tourists, hikers, and even locals who are looking into discovering something new.

In fact, it is in this tool that Google introduces their unique Street View technology. In addition, Maps is a place for location details, directions, and discovery of places like restaurants, establishments, and even geographical features.

Now Google is taking it to the next level by enabling users to find out where they are within an establishment through Indoor Maps.

A common way for a customer or potential client to figure out where they are located is to look for a freestanding map directory or ask an employee for guidance and directions. With Indoor Maps, you can take your customers on a self-efficient trip around your retail store, thus bringing the directory to the palm of their hands.

Climb Retail Solutions will help you get your retail store’s floor plan on Indoor Maps thus creating a more convenient and enjoyable visitor experience at no cost. Naturally, this Google indoor navigation tool is available across various platforms—from desktop computers to mobile devices.

Your customers will be able to confidently navigate your retail store with the help of Indoor Maps. Your retail store’s multiple floor plans won’t be a problem for this tool for it allows multi-level directories as well. Features of Google Maps are also present in Indoor Maps along with the familiar “blue dot” that informs users of their current locations. This uses a similar approach to outdoor space but tinkered specially to work for indoors. You customers can say goodbye to clueless wandering and wasting time looking for something.

Take your business to the next level by giving your customers the convenience of navigating your retail store by the palm of their hands. Furthermore, a Google Business Photo Shoot may encourage more people to visit your website with ten still shots appearing on the Maps Tab when a search inquiry has been made. It’s time to take the next level in retail store directories. With Climb Retail Solutions, we can make your retail stores’ Indoor Maps the selling point you need for potential customers and clients.

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