Integrate iBeacon with Your Retail Stores and Boost Customer Engagement

Apple’s unique gadgets and ingenuity has kept the brand and products at the forefront of the industry as well as its customers’ preferences. With each feature, Apple works its way into the lives of their users. From messaging to digital wallet, it shows that the tech giant is not slowing down any time soon. In fact, it is stepping into the world of retail stores to benefit business owners and customers.

Apple has embarked on a program to use the sensors in its users’ iPhones to map the large indoor areas of retail stores, commercial buildings, and event locations. Furthermore, the company is using a range of technologies with large retail stores in addition to iBeacon to assist in its indoor maps generation.

Climb Retail Solutions will work with you to leverage iBeacon for your retail store. We know the ins and outs of iBeacon and we’re fully aware of the benefits this technology can bring both you and your customers. Give your customers a unique in-store experience by enabling them to freely navigate your retail store, receive notifications and messages through their Apple devices.

Aside from using iBeacon for Apple’s indoor mapping strategy, it is also a way for you to wirelessly notify your customers that they are near your retail store. This could just be the invitation they need to take the step to your retail stores and make a purchase.

iBeacon works over Bluetooth, which is detectable only by iPhones, and is effective within a few feet. This technology can enable you to ping potential customers to stop at a window display in order to receive exclusive codes. It allows you to give your customers the sense of exclusivity by sending special offers and specials.

Some benefits of leveraging with iBeacon include but are not limited to:

  • Gathering feedback from customers – a push notification can be sent to customers to respond with feedback towards the services they receive in your retail store.
  • Displaying information – provide your customers with a different shopping experience by showing a product’s features and details instead of having a store clerk chat with them.
  • Indoor mapping – your customers can say goodbye to locating the nearest directory. iBeacon can make it easy for your customers to find their way around your retail store.

Integrating iBeacon with your retail store presents you and your customers multiple opportunities and benefits. Climb Retail Solution will help you set up your retail store with iBeacon, show you how to maximize its features, and put your business on an advantage against the competition.

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