Advertising is a tool that marketers and retailers use to persuade an audience to purchase their products and service. In recent years, advertising outlets have evolved, shifting from traditional channels such as print ads, broadcasted ads, and radio spots, to online advertising. Although traditional advertising is still effective and vital for businesses and organizations, online classified ads still plays its own role.

Kijiji, an online platform for classified ads, has matured from being a small classified website to an eBay-owned subsidiary that generates over 6 million unique monthly visits from Canadians. Kijiji allows anyone to post free advertisements. However, the downfall of settling with free advertising is that it will be buried by other free classified ad posts within a couple of hours.

In the cut-throat environment of business, it is crucial for you to catch your potential customers’ attention before your competitors. This is especially true with Kijiji. On the eBay-owned classified ads platform, you also have the option of paying for top ad spots thus ensuring you that your ad post will be visible at the top of the category for 7 days.

Advertising your retail store and products on Kijiji provides you a convenient solution to engage with millions of their site visitors, both locally and nationally.

Kijiji has also proven to be beneficial for retailers with their AdMarkt program. From attracting customers into your retail store to persuading them to make a transaction on your e-commerce store, it will ensure you that your products are in front of the right shoppers at the moment when they are looking to buy.

Benefits of advertising your retail store with Kijiji AdMarkt include:

  • Simple uploading and managing of your listings with their inventory management tool
  • Listings appear based on relevancy
  • Unlimited listings
  • Drive traffic and sales to your online store
  • Optimize your performance with enhanced reporting
  • Highlight your products when a buyer searches Kijiji
  • Drive engagement with buyers through rich product images and descriptions

Climb Retail Solutions will help you create advertisements and listings for your retail store on Kijiji. Together, we will work to have a successful strategy to attract millions of potential customers. We are aware of the opportunities that online advertising, particularly with Kijiji, presents retailers. We understand that our clients need a cost-effective solution to building brand awareness and advertising. With Climb Retail Solutions, you can be assured that your online advertising efforts will not be in vain.

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