These days, being on top of the market trend and connecting with customers are crucial to setting a business apart from the rest of the competition. A phone system for your business would enable you to step up your game in communicating with your customers.

Climb Retail Solutions’ phone system for retail allows you to connect with your customers on a new level. It is suited for the constant demand of the retail environment due to its reliability and superior engineering.

Our phone system allows you to make VoIP phone calls, text messages, conference calls, and even fax. Using our cloud phone system enables you to have a public number that you can share in order for your customers to connect with you. This will save your business both money and time, enabling you to work on the cloud from anywhere and anytime.

Dynamic call routing

It’s time to engage and deliver superior customer service with confidence. Our system’s responsive call routing directs calls to the desired department or person, allowing immediate solution to a customer’s concern. Your customers will be able to reach the right person for the job in no time. Whatever the time of day, your customers will feel appreciated and taken care of.

Business texts

Aside from making calls, you will be able to connect with customers through text messages. In today’s modern age, text messaging seems to be everyone’s favorite approach to communication. Connect with your customers with text messages informing them of confirmed reservations, announcements, or simply answer inquiries. Your customers may be too busy to pick up a phone call, this making text messaging perfect. This feature is available for every user account, allowing your entire staff to be responsive as well.

Always on the go, always mobile-ready

Be productive anywhere in the world at any time. Our phone system enables you to work from your tablet or smartphone. Everything from business contacts to connecting with people is done in the cloud. You can do various work like:

  • Access business contacts
  • Make calls and send texts
  • Receive fax messages
  • Be a part of conference calls
  • Share files
  • Check voicemails

Powerful and smart reporting

Keep an eye on operations and marketing trends with powerful and intuitive reports. It’s important to keep track and analyze your inbound and outbound call activities. You will also be able to identify customer call patterns based on responses to advertising campaigns with reports that you can review online at your convenient time.

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