Leverage Customer Engagement and Sales with QR Codes for Retail

Retailers need to go the extra mile to give their customers a unique in-store experience. These ideas need to be clever enough to capture the attention of whoever sees it. There is also the added pressure to make it appealing to new customers, retain the existing ones, and keep both customer segments’ attention.

QR codes can be an easy and simple tool that you can utilize for your retail store. In addition, it can also be used to link your brick-and-mortar store customers seamlessly with your online visitors.

Initially utilized by the automotive industry in Japan, QR codes have proven to be beneficial for retailers as well over the years. This 2d-barcode is designed from a pattern of black squares configured on a white background.

These codes have grown in popularity over the years especially with the rapid evolution of smartphones. Some uses of QR codes for retailers include:

  • Coupons and promotions
  • Downloads to your retail store’s app
  • Product information
  • Customer reviews

QR codes can retain data much like a regular barcode and hold arithmetic data up to 7,000 characters. These are unique storage ciphers that retailers can utilize to boost customer engagement and leverage sales. Other ways of using QR codes for retail stores include:

  • Makeup of shop window displays – transform the term “window shopping” by giving customers access to a huge amount of product information
  • Improve promotional campaigns – adding a QR code in your print ads fundamentally increases brand awareness and consumer interaction
  • Link customers to discounts – relay valuable information like sales, promotions, and new products to your customers

Using QR codes is a great tool for marketing. It can be used in various ways depending on the retailer. For example, a retail store of do-it-yourself products can place QR codes on an item’s packaging for customers to scan with their mobile devices and be directed to helpful how-to videos or instructions which they may find useful. The possibilities of what to utilize QR codes are endless! This is especially true for retailers. Another function for QR codes for retailers is to mobilize online retail sites to drive potential customers to the site to make a purchase.

Climb Retail Solutions will take care of your QR codes needs for your retail store. You would not be limited as to how to make your customers aware of the 2-dimensional barcodes for these can be downloaded, emailed, printed on stickers, and even plastered on signs. With Climb Retail Solutions, together we will brainstorm on how to creatively leverage QR codes for your retail store.

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