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We provide infrastructure as a service on a monthly basis to retail chains and resellers. Our packages include the management portal, signage player and full toll free support that end users can call.

We provide:

  1. An easy to use cloud portal to manage screens and content
  2. The digital signage player
  3. A toll free support number that your customers or locations can call when the signage is not working

Warranty on the signage player hardware

The Signage LCD Panel is provided by the location. If you do not have a signage panel, we will introduce you to our wholesale partners that provide the appropriate signage panels for your location. They can also fully mount the signage panels at your location and ensure they're always working.

We do require a wired ethernet connection to the digital signage player. If thats not possible we have options to continue to ensure the signage is stable and reliable.

Digital Signage Pricing

Services are provided on a monthly basis and on a per display basis for $40 CAD / display / month. Additional discounts are applied for volume, term and media broadcast agreements. Contact our team below, for a custom quote

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